John Zachary De Lorean, the former golden boy of General Motors, was arrested, imprisoned, indicted on nine drug charges, and finally released after having posted collateral on a $10,000,000 bond. If convicted on those charges, and given the maximum sentence, De Lorean could face 72 years in prison and $195,000 fine.

His arrest earned him the cover of Time magazine, created furor in Britain's Parliament and shocked and stunned his former co-workers and associates. Federal agents see him as a driven man who, because of his inability to face failure, turned to the drug trade to save his almost bankrupt company. Some of his associates support that view, while others feel that he was "set up."

His meteoric rise within General Motors corporate structure, his resignation, and subsequent endeavors were well chronicled in the press, as was his transformation from corporate executive to jet-setter and "mod" rebel.

His astrological chart, not only explains the complex dynamics of his personality but points to the inherent flaws. Those flaws, if not checked and reined in, can (and did) ultimately lead him to self-destruction.

De Lorean was born on January 6, 1925 and has his Sun in Capricorn. This Sun's extremely powerful planetary configurations endow him with a blinding ambition, an almost obsessive drive, strong self-discipline, a sense of duty and an incredible amount of energy. It endowed him with a gambler's instinct, a great deal of luck, but also, unfortunately, too much dependency on that luck and a belief that it would last forever.

His Uranus, planet of originality, fills him with a strong desire to be different, dramatic, unusual, startling and creative.

So far, so good. There is nothing unusual about someone who has an incredibly strong drive to get to the top, who has the energy, who wants to be original and dramatic and who wants to leave a mark. The question is, will he be able to achieve what he wants?

His Mercury (the planet of the mind) is strongly but dangerously configured with other planets. On the positive side, the mind is original, visionary, perceptive, intuitively aware of other people thoughts. This makes a marvelous PR man and advertising executive--a marketing marvel. It bestows charm, skill at repartee and fast learning.

But on the negative side such Mercury configuration is undisciplined and impatient. It hates details, does not build on a solid basis, cannot stand delays and obstacles. It gets bored quickly and has the tendency to skip from one thing to another.

Moreover, this Mercury is pulled by other sets of planets that represent a different personality. They fashion the flitting peripatetic jet-setter, bent on having quick pleasure, full of passing fancies, catching fleeting moments just to amuse and entertain. This configuration can be likened to a 5-year-old, who, when denied anything, has tantrums, cannot bear any frustration, and if not entertained all the time has fits of boredom.

And thus, my advice to DeLorean would have been: "You may not like it, but you should carry the self-discipline into every area of your life! Do not permit fanciful thinking and desire for short cuts to take over your life, ergo, stay in corporate business, build on solid basis, think slowly, and with deliberate logic, rein that flighty Mercury of yours, for if you let it free, it will lead you to disaster."

This chart clearly indicates that when he resigned from GM, this flighty and unreliable Mercury took over and began to direct his life. And so one could say, that it was his flawed Mercury that, left without restraints, led him into temptation, and into impatient short cuts and "quick fixes."

His chart comes under great deal of stress around Jan.-Feb. of 1983. That may be when his trial begins.