AIDA -- A brief revival engagement of the vintage opera spectacle, a 1954 production, directed in Italy by Clemente Fracassi, in which actors mimed the roles in lavish period costumes and settings while singers dubbed the vocals. The role of Verdi's heroine was glamorously split between the voice of Renata Tebaldi and the body of voluptuous Sophia Loren. West End Circle.

COME BACK TO THE 5 & DIME, JIMMY DEAN, JIMMY DEAN (no rating but adult content) -- See review, page 19. THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (PG) -- A return engagement of the stunning sequel to "Star Wars." "Empire" intercut the parallel flights of two sets of good guys forced to abandon a Rebel base overrun by an Imperial invasion force. With, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford. Area theaters. THE ESCAPE ARTIST (PG) -- See review, page 19.

HEIDI'S SONG (G) -- An animated version of the Johanna Spyri classic, with a song score consisting of stale Sammy Cahn lyrics set to passable Burton Lane melodies and voice characterizations by Lorne Greene, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Margery Gray. A Hanna-Barbera production. Area theaters. THE LAST UNICORN (G) -- An animated version of the Peter S. Beagle adventure fantasy, adapted by Beagle and directed by Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Jules Bass. The song score was supplied by Jimmy Webb and the principal voices by Alan Arkin, Jeff Bridges and Mia Farrow. Area theaters. ONE DOWN TWO TO GO (R) -- A reunion for the erstwhile Big Four of black action movies -- Fred Williamson, Jim Brown, Jim Kelly and Richard Roundtree -- engineered by Williamson as producer-director. When Kelly, a karate champ and promoter, discovers that his team is threatened by mob-sponsored opponents during a tour, he sends out an S.O.S. that brings Williamson, Brown and Roundtree into the fray. With Paula Sills and Laura Loftus as stalwart girlfriends and Joe Spinell and Tom Signorelli as hoods. Area theaters. VERONIKA VOSS (R) -- See review, page 19.