Some facts on suicide compiled by Jeff Maurer of the National Center for Health Statistics, suicide and homicide unit, Hyattsville:

* 1,500 known suicides occurred last year in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Experts estimate actual figures far higher: Many suicides are concealed by family members, often with physicians' cooperation.

* Most females kill themselves with toxic substances; most males by violent methods, favoring guns or a lethal jump.

* Males commit suicide about four times as often as females; women attempt suicide nearly three times as often as men.

* Married people have the lowest suicide rate.

* There are 10 unsuccessful attempts for every actual suicide.

* All suicidal individuals are not depressed, but people suffering from depression have a much higher rate of suicide than the general population.

* Most suicides occur in the spring, although there is often an increase around Christmas.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, each percentage point rise in the national unemployment rate produces an additional 318 deaths by suicide, according to researchers at Williams College and the University of Minnesota.

An informative pamphlet: "Dealing With the Crisis of Suicide" by Calvin J. Frederick (Public Affairs Pamphlet 406A), is available for 50 cents by writing: Public Affairs Pamphlets, 381 Park Ave. S., New York, N.Y. 10016.