"All of our own imperfections," says psychotherapist Olivia Mundra, "tend to be exaggerated and manifested in the way we deal with money."

"Everyone has a relationship with money as though it were a person," says financial adviser Michael Goldberg. "Some consider it friend, others foe."

Some "money personalities":

Stingies: An "us-against-them" mentality. Believe there isn't enough money to go around, and their needs will never be met.

Spenders: May be over-givers hoping for love. Or may be seeking instant gratification, with little hope or concern for the future.

Bingers: Tend to deny themselves rigidly, until their "spring pops," often when deep needs are unfilled. Binge spending nourishes their surface while they avoid dealing with deeper problems. Spending sprees--like drinking or eating sprees--may be accompanied by great guilt.

Needies: Obsessed with money. Need great amounts to save and to spend, continuously.

Deniers: Fear having too much. Believe that if they aren't poor, they will lose their moral and political consciousness.

Haughties: Consider themselves part of a special class of people who shouldn't have to dirty their hands with money.

"All of us have characteristics of some or all of these types," says Mundra. "The important thing is to be aware of patterns. Then you can think of creative ways to deal with problems they may cause, like experimenting with patterns the opposite of your usual style."