He may be the hottest dog on the silver screen but the Sandy checking into the Hay-Adams Sunday night -- and dining on Aileen "Annie" Quinn's leftover shrimp and crabmeat dinner brought back to their room from Le Danielle restaurant--wasn't the Sandy Washingtonians came to love.

"This Sandy's a Hollywood dog who has his hair permed," confides Martin Charnin, who not only found, bought the rights to, produced and wrote the hit tunes in the Broadway musical "Annie" but also first brought the original Sandy before Jimmy Carter's White House footlights in 1977.

While the Hollywood Sandy lives the glittering celebrity life of public appearances at events like yesterday's White House party for children of diplomats, our Sandy is still arfing it up night after night on Broadway, according to Charnin.

Sandy's first go-round in the East Room is still one of those White House legends. Every time he walked in, he'd make a beeline for Martha Washington's portrait and start to arf. Some months later the White House social office received a letter stating that Sandy was being considered for Dog of the Year and asking if social secretary Gretchen Poston could give a recommendation. She could and did promptly.

"We knew Sandy when he was just a nobody dog," Poston wrote, "and success has not turned his head."