Dudley and Mary Tyler and much, much more make "Six Weeks" a movie to miss this yuletide. This moribund work deals not with the very real suffering of a child with leukemia, but with the glossy, empty courage of a poor, little rich girl whose mom's money makes her last dreams come true.

Niki (13-year-old ballerina Katherine Healy) spends her last days helping Californian Patrick Dalton (Dudley Moore) with his campaign for Congress. Dalton leaves his sweet wife and injured son to move in with Niki and her mother (MTM), an upscale Avon Lady. He then flies with them to New York to fulfill Niki's fantasies, including a pagan marriage between him and mom. The girl's last wish is the consummation of their bigamy.

Dudley Moore's performance is laissez- faire. And MTM, as ever a wimp, obviously wants to cry out for Mr. Grant. What's more, there's zip rapport in this counterfeit family. "I've never felt so warm," says Moore to Moore. Oh, sure.

The most idiotic scene of all shows Ms. Moore, in tutu, dancing one last pas de deux with her daughter, who might have been a prima ballerina had she lived. Moore's the pity, for this kid is sure on her toes. This scene is not the turning point, however, merely the last straw.

It's all very pretty, this death after dancing. There's no lingering illness for Niki, only a grimace on a subway ride. You hardly know she's gone. There's really no reason to tell her story: no hope, no insight, no growth, no moral -- unless it is that less is Moore. SIX WEEKS -- AMC Carrollton, AMC Skyline 6, Roth's Randolph, Roth's Tysons Corner, Showcase Mercado, Springfield Mall, Village Mall Cinema.