Of the young jazz combos around town, one of the more promising in musicianship and ideas is Come Out Swinging, a quintet that has been together for several years.

At Mr. Y's last night, where they play again tonight, they offered an impressive opening set nicely balanced betweeen standards and their own material.

Tenor saxophonist Dave Waldo's "For Sonny" began with a relaxed delivery of the theme by the composer. Guitarist Bob Shimizu picked up where Waldo left off and bent the tune into blue shapes which, in turn, were reworked by bassist Carroll Dashiell.

On "Well, You Needn't," the Theolonious Monk classic, the heat was poured on as drummer Alan Wonneberger's cymbals accented Waldo's line with persistence. Mel Budman's solo converted the jagged contours of the tune into straightahead momentum.

Another facet of the group emerged on "Light Warm P.M.," an austere and introspective original of the drummer with shifting tempo, polyrhythms, burgeoning intensity and strong statements by all. Dashiel's arco excursion was a veritable chorus of Volga boatmen.

There is a little roughness here and there around the edges, but this is definitely a group that is getting stronger all the time.