"This story," declares Victor S. Goodman of Silver Spring, "is one for the Christmas season." And even though it involves bagels, which Santa Claus never goes near, Victor is absolutely right.

"On returning from a nephew's Bar Mitzvah in Connecticut, we decided to try and bring back some New York bagels," Victor writes. So he and the family pulled off the New York Thruway in Mamaroneck, where they soon found a shop called Sir Bagelot.

"It was about 1 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, and Sir Bagelot was booming . . . . I ordered four dozen onion bagels and one dozen raisin-cinnamon bagels. The girl counting bagels went into the back room to count the four dozen onion and came out with a large plastic bag filled with onion bagels."

Victor trusted her -- mistakenly, as it turned out. For "upon arriving home, we immediately began counting and freezing the bagels. To our utter disappointment, we were short 15 onion bagels."

" . . . I wrote a letter to Sir Bagelot, explaining the circumstances and also noting how delicious and huge the bagels were," Victor continues. "If you know New York bagels (do I ever, Vic!), these are Triple AAA-rated. Each one is about four to five ounces and about four inches across, and not much of a hole in the middle.

"About one day later, my eldest son arrived home first on a Thursday afternoon and found a large box at our front door. Inside were three dozen onion bagels, double-wrapped in plastic bags. Sir Bagelot had air-mailed us far and above what we were shorted."

I wish all consumer conflicts ended that happily. Thanks, Vic, and happy munching.