Terry Gregory jumped onto the stage at Quincy's last night and proceeded to prance and pose her way through a desultory set of pop, country and rock material. Dressed in something approximating Western disco garb, Gregory opened with an energetic but shrill rendition of Buddy Holly's "Oh Boy." She also performed her country hit, "Just Like Me," but the song lacked emotional resonance-- as does her somewhat bland, if pleasant, voice. Gregory's own "I Need Another Lover" proved she is no songwriter, either. Instead, Gregory is a fairly hackneyed pop performer who has found the country market to be the most viable medium for her limited talent and cliche'd theatricality.

Gregory showed little real affinity for the bluegrass songs she performed or for her rock covers like "Heartbreak Hotel." Instead, she stole the obvious drama from these well-worn crowd-pleasers while continually toying with her audience. It would be easy to simply call Gregory insincere, but one suspects that this young singer from Takoma Park, Md., is giving her all to show business. If anything, Gregory's emotional exaggeration and overacting had something to do with Broadway or maybe the Borscht Belt, but little to do with real country music.