Oh, to be able to say that the mess of 1982 has cleared out and that all our troubles are over. But even though some of the astrological signs have changed, even improved, the overall aspect is still gloomy and risky.

This year the "heavy" planets -- Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and to some extent Neptune -- affect the nation's activity.

Two of the key words for America this year will be confusion and suddenness. The people will not understand the actions of some politicians and, worse, many of our politicians will not understand the needs of the people.

There will be a continuation of situations already begun, affecting the nation's finances and morale.

The first part of the year we will be most concerned with jobs, joblessness and what's being done to help those out of work. We will see people band together in neighborly fashion to help create jobs at the local level, and we will see a rebirth of isolationism: There will be a feeling that we should help our own rather than help or do business with other nations. There could be a cry from the grass roots for trade barriers.

There will be some optimism, though somewhat false: Lower interest rates and cooling inflation will bring sighs of relief. People will be more friendly, and will talk to their neighbors. Yet the difficult aspects in the nation's house of finance will reassert themselves and there will be a resurgence of tight money and another wave of joblessness.

Spring is a time for dramatic change, perhaps concerned with energy. New fuel deposits may be discovered or, more important, there may be an enormous technological break-through. There could be an agreement between the U.S. and South Africa on a new process to convert coal to liquid fuel, provoking turmoil caused by political opponents of South Africa. This could also kick off a volatile and sudden confrontation with the Soviet Union.

Once again the government will move slowly and bungle a chance for U.S. advantage.

Despite the growing isolationism, U.S. relations with Canada will be strengthened. Canadians will have more employment stability in the spring, and will be caught up in the isolationism wave. Yet the two of us will work closer together, particularly in science.

The summer will see a new determination in the country. The bad part of this is that we will draw tighter into our shells. The gap between rich and poor may grow into a canyon. The good news is that national pride will grow, and for the first time since 1972 we will begin to stiffen our backs against outside pressures.

Midsummer is right for another super scientific announcement. Look for a breakthrough in computer science. This one will be tied into the medical field, with "bionic" arms and legs becoming a reality. Look for an advancement that makes the physical use of money obsolete by the end of the decade.

And then there are the lasers. Look for satellites to beam signals to earth via lasers and for an extraordinary discovery in radio astronomy.

In spite of all these advances, the summer could be one of the most violent ones since the '60s with trouble on the streets stemming from local causes, many having to do with unemployment.

Fall will see another effort to reinstate the draft, partly because of another nuclear confrontation caused by events in middle Europe, and partly because of the upsurge in terrorist activity. 1983 may be the first time a city will be held hostage with a nuclear weapon.

Look for trouble in travel.More highway travel will mean more highway fatalities. In fact, there will be tragedy in ground travel and in the air, involving one of the new aircraft models.

The weather will be frightful. Drought throughout the West and Southwest will cause tremendous farm losses.

Look for a political scandal. It could be revealed that high officials of several states have banded together to skim government funds. There will be recall initiatives.

The winter will be a time of extremes. Romance will dominate our headlines for a while. We will all be made aware of romances of our most powerful people. Look for a spectacular, televised wedding in the U.S. and a spectacular divorce in Europe.

We will discover, late in the year, that the president has been ill, perhaps since spring. Nevertheless, executive power is strong and we should come out of the third confrontation of the year in good stead.

Big business will take a stronger hold on the country, with many small business closed or absorbed.

ARIES MARCH 21 TO APRIL 19 Keywords: Go slow; think things out.

For Aries people, 1983 is a year in which long-term trends will be set, and a year of delays; you will have to use all your brainpower to keep things on an even keel.

Early on you will face confusion, finding that people around you vacillate; you will be called on to help with situations that affect your family and close friends. Your decisions, even minor ones, will have longrange effects.

There will be some changes for you in early spriing. Judge them carefully, since you will be called on to defend the decisions you make. Be thoughtful in manner and speech and remember that family and friends are looking to you for help.

In late spring and early summer, accept the good things that will come. Don't be foolhardy, but keep your own counsel and get some enjoyment from life.

This will be a good time for a romantic adventure, but realize that this is a passing thing and treat it accordingly. Enjoy the out-of-doors, especially with someone of the opposite sex, but maintain decorum.

Summer will bring more romance and a surge of social invitations, but don't let this interfere with routine matters.Keep the mundane in mind.

Short, well-planned travel can be rewarding for you -- financially -- and can perhaps open new perspectives that should be considered.

Consider a vacation for late summer or early fall, maybe to a gambling resort: Your luck's running high now.

But it is toward the end of the year that excitement and activity really commence, with spontaneous activity blowing away the mists. It's the time for you to execute all of those plans and ideas that you thought were "too wild" to undertake. Fear nothing!

At year's end, go back to trusting yourself more than anyone. You become vulnerable and find that you're being sniped at from many sides.

TAURUS APRIL 21 to MAY 20 Keywords: Relationships, Partners.

This a year in which all Taureans must firmly control their native stubborness. Bend, lest you break. This year you will have to deal with others, listen to others, solve problems for others, and -- perhaps the most difficult -- not be afraid to ask others for their opinions and help.

There will be several opportunities this year for you to go into some sort of financial arrangement with a partner. Don't hesitate. Just use simple caution and check things out as well as you normally would. Don't be afraid to speculate.

As the year opens, opportunity surrounds you. Business offers are presented, you meet new people away from the job and a troublesome family situation will stabilize.

But the opportunities can bring strong opposition from someone you thought was on your side. Watch your back.

This winter you can be involved in many social functions, having a good time and perhaps making professional gains. Accept invitations from community social leaders or leaders of your profession and you will be well received, but don't lose your sense of caution and dignity: Being conventional may impress those who have a great deal to say about your financial security.

The spring will mark the beginning of a stabilizing period, when you should not overdo. You will find that you tire easily and, of course, no true Taurean will want to show it. Relax! Don't let nervous strain cause physical symptoms.

Early summer brings more social activity and entertainment. Much of this will be obligatory and not very enjoyable. Just be careful of those who would curry favor with you.

In summer, be careful of romantic involvements and commitments, and be sure that something you may say lightly is not mistaken for a commitment. If you find yourself dodging a member of the opposite sex, go ahead! Dodge!

Fall is better. You can be lucky both in love and in financial matters. Don't be afraid to take a chance or two in both. Your health gets better and will stay better if you and your doctor agree on a careful diet for you.

The year closes on a more serious note. This is not a time for lasting decisions, but for consolidating gains. This is a time for patience, so put aside any thought of jealousy or resentment.

GEMINI MAY 21 to JUNE 20 Keywords: Romance, Adaptability.

Grab hold, Geminis!

At year's beginning you'll hit a surge of activity in all phases of your life, and need all of your native quick wits to keep your head above water.

You will, however, be able to begin your own thaw this winter. People around you see your personality expand. Romance becomes an active ingredient in your life, but you find yourself involved more in the mental aspects of love than in the physical.

As the weather warms up, you must be very careful in dealing with others, especially those who have a say in your career. Some high-level folks will be extremely sensitive and easily insulted, so be somewhat formal and conservative on the job.

Also look to young people and their ideas: Even children can pass rewarding thoughts on to you. Properly used, these ideas can bring lasting job success.

During the summer, things will get tougher at work, and you may feel bored, or as if the rest of the world is loafing.

Then use all the tact and generosity you can muster.

This is also a time for you to see what's happening in finance. Don't be harsh or impatient with a financial adviser -- try a little flattery instead.

And watch your flanks, making sure that your work is up to snuff and, more important, completed on schedule. Someone who may be envious of your position may turn tardiness against you.

By summer's end, things on the job will bottom out. Don't get crazy. Just do your job and show the world how reliable you are.

As the days grow shorter, busy yourself with nuts-and-bolts things at home, such as putting in insulation or repairing furniture.

During the winter, you jump into a whirling social scene. Be a take-charge person and people will flock around you. You'll find that you're receiving financial tips from all around, mostly from people you trust. Don't rush into any complicated real-estate deals. Heed your own counsel.

The year ends on an upbeat note.

CANCER JUNE 21 TO JULY 22 Keywords: Aggressiveness and Tensions.

As 1983 begins, Cancer people need to stop to review their lives and reappraise the future; this can stand you in good stead if you can profit from experience. But don't let the rest of the world think you're lazy and goofing off. Keep the lines of communication open at home and work.

This is a restless period, in which you will be sensitive and thin-skinned. Be wary of those who would hurt your reputation or pocketbook. Pay bills promptly and without fuss, even if you feel you are being overcharged: it's important now that you maintain spotless credit.

Take some time for recreation, or even a short vacation, alone -- you are your own best friend and companion now.

As the days grow warmer, things level off, almost to a standstill. Life's little irritants begin to plague you. Plans and efforts fall through, and things keep slipping out of your grasp. Don't overreact if you don't get the raise or recognition you expected: Brief irritants will become long-term successes.

During the late spring and early summer people will begin to notice you and new opportunities will be yours. You'll be given something very new to do -- don't botch it.

Summer brings an upswing in romance, but don't sit back and expect everything to come to you. Beat your own drums and let the opposite sex know how clever you are.

This is also your most creative period of the year: Your luck and health will both be good, and you should get back to a hobby you have shelved. You'll surprise yourself and the people around you with your handiwork. Photography should be especially successful for you at this time.

The return of cool air finds you with a cool head. You can do a little gambling in both romance and finance, but be careful of romance. A Capricorn or Pisces may seek a lasting involvement, but stay loose! You may meet some opposition from family about this romantic interlude. Keep calm, for an insult could be lasting.

Year's end brings pleasure from study. Philosophy or the occult may interest you. This kind of retreat won't hurt, since you'll find your normal circle of friends tiresome. Stay on an even keel and seek new friends in the new year.

LEO JULY 23 TO AUGUST 22 Keywords: Activity, Improvement.

The start of the New Year is a great time for you! It's the right time for partying, for showing your excellence on the job and being king of the hill. Your advice and opinion will be sought by close friends and casual acquaintances, so don't be stubborn or petulant. Don't roar: You'll have your own way in most things.

This is a time when you are able to "read" people well. Take advantage of it, especially when a person trying to curry favor offers you a business deal.

A promotion you have been seeking becomes the topic of conversation again, and before the year is over could well be yours. Show your leadership qualities.

In the spring, things calm down and, compared to the first part of the year, will seem dull and depressing. Suffer the minor setbacks, annoyances and disappointments -- they'll pass and you can show the world that you can be your best even under stress.

Warm weather will see things liven up, as your social life increases and you are sought out by influential people at special gatherings, probably in some field of the arts. These can lead to useful career contacts and lasting friendships.

The final, hot, dreary days of summer may be the most troubled days of the year for you, when things seek to break wrong, especially in family matters, and you become frustrated with your inability to get them squared away. This must be handled carefully, since there's a good chance you could alienate a close relation permanently.

Fall will bring you a cooler head, the ability to reopen lines of communication with friends and relatives. Your creativity returns, and you may be asked to make a speech. If asked, do it! You'll be a smash.

Colder days bring cold cash -- or at least the opportunity for investment. Don't be involved with get-rich-quick schemes, but listen to the advice of a trusted adviser.

Year's end finds you in a planning mood. Share the planning with a member of the opposite sex who would like to help. Home repairs should be handled now.

VIRGO AUGUST 23 TO SEPTEMBER 23 Keywords: Home, Finances, Family.

As the year gets moving, you'll find people vying for your attention: Friends seek your advice on all sorts of subjects, from foreign lands to home repairs. Everyone trusts you and what you say.

Maintain your calm and patience, even though some frustrations arise -- don't show it, for too many are relying on your strength.

If a member of the opposite sex seems interested in knowing you better, that's fine -- let him or her come to you, but stay away from any long-term commitment. This is a time to walk slowly through all decisions.

By winter's end things seem brighter and somwhat uplifted. Don't let yourself go completely, but it's certainly the time for some enjoyment. Don't neglect family responsibilities, but relax a bit: A social affair can lead to a fine business contact.

Summer brings increased activity in your career. You may be asked to participate in something you feel unsure about, but press on. Use your practical good sense. Invest some of your own time and difficult problems can be overcome.A longtime friend of the opposite sex can help you now.

Start to plan now for some remodeling of home or property in the fall, but don't actually start till then.

Summer's heat probably won't bother you, since you'll be spending most of your time working. This will be moving rapidly now, and one of your first jobs will be to reexamine your own ambitions, setting some some new goals and aiming considerably higher than you have.

As the pace increases, you move faster in the right career circles. You will be shown more respect, but be careful to keep a modest posture. Be aware that a co-worker thought to be a friend is not, and will seek to control you. Be especially aware at social functions. People who seek to curry favor are dangerous.

Get some outdoor exercise but be careful of water sports.

As the summer ends, begin to ease off. Let people you trust carry the ball. Delegate!

The fall and early winter are a time of great activity for you. Get the home repairs started now. Your gift for choosing the right person for the right job is working now. Doing an important study now could lead to promotion.

Social functions and romatic interludes are the words at year's end. Don't be shy.

LIBRA SEPTEMBER 24 to OCTOBER 23 Keywords: Control, Communication.

In early 1983, you should harness your good feelings and channel them into immediate successes.

If you are in a battle on the job, take a moment to regroup and plan your offense. Career advantages won now will last forever.

The cold weather is also the time for you to use your brain to come up with a labor- or money-saving scheme. It will be well-received by important people.

If you are asked by a special friend to do some extra work, such as editing or drawing, do it. It's a chance to show off still another talent.

During spring, a close relative may come up with a financial plan for you to back. Don't make a commitment now, but take the matter under advisement. Be prepared to become involved later in the year.

This is also the luckiest time of the year for you as far as games go; just be careful not to antagonize a potential enemy who is envious of your luck.

Summer is the time for you to protect yourself. You have been moving upward in your job, but there is someone who resents your success. Be sure that your reputation is above reproach. Be prepared to defend yourself against phantom charges, and keep good records. You can win this one, perhaps with some advice from a family member.

Late summer is a good time for a vacation -- especially if you can mix a little business in, too.

The cool of fall with bring some excitement and lots of activity. You're at your most popular now and should use this to help move up the professional ladder. Don't shirk responsibility now and don't be afraid to let others help.

This is also the time to tackle a long-standing family problem and solve it. In late fall and winter look to your health: You may need to make some basic, perhaps radical, changes in your diet. Don't go off half-cocked with some fad diet. If you are uncertain about this, get a new doctor. Perhaps a younger one would suit you best. Proper medical care now can be a blessing later.

During the winter things pick up on the home front. A short trip, perhaps with a close family tie, is indicated. Go where it's warm, rather than a snow-and-ice vacation.

As the year ends, a long-range business deal presents itself. It's worth considering.

Invitations for the holidays will be many and varied. Don't over accept and disappoint your family, who will be counting on you to be with them. Don't overspend. Flashy, expensive presents won't do.

SCORPIO OCTOBER 24 TO NOVEMBER 21 Keywords: Power, Extremes.

The early part of 1983 is not a comfortable time for you. People close to you, the people perhaps most important to you, find you moody and irritable and turn away.

Don't sign any contracts now, but don't be afraid to take matters under consideration for a loved one.

Midwinter brings improvement, but the first of a series of unexpected and spontaneous happenings. In fact, you must be prepared for the unexpected all year.

You can make a fine investment now, but be conservative and don't go overboard; control a desire to gamble too heavily in any investment.

The same forces affect your job. You'll find the environment at work favorable and will be recognized for special projects. This is a good time for you to mend fences and regain the stability you lacked recently. Some advice from a supervisor should be heeded.

Spring will mark a second surprise: A romantic relationship could explode in your face. Both you and your partner will claim to be right, but it is you, loyal Scorpio, who should back down. In fact, as spring progresses, your attitudes toward others takes a step down; you like to be a loner, so beware: You need good friends around you.

Summer brings a more even time, with less of the unexpected. Things are good on the job. You get on well with your supervisors and one of them can help you develop your long-term career. Don't do anything foolish or childish that could make him change his mind.

July is a good month for vacation and recreation.

During the fall, a family member will need your help. In fact, this is the time for you to rebuild happiness with all your family, and for romance to reenter your life. This won't be a longtime thing, so accept and enjoy it. You will have a tendency to criticize, and this could end a good thing before it begins.

Next fall and winter things begin to level off in your life. There is still another sudden happening to come, but it won't be as dramatic as the others. Enjoy winter's social calendar. Relax and don't be critical of the people you feel are not as smart as you are: Let yourself to drift along.

Late in the year still another romantic interlude begins. Don't be too picky about too many things and this could become a solid relationship.

Your attitude toward a financial move should be positive. You are lucky and people will gain from your advice.

Steer away from those huge parties during the holidays. Seek out small, intimate celebrations.

SAGITTARIUS NOVEMBER 2 to DECEMBER 21 Keywords: Change; Instability.

The early part of the year should be devoted to family matters. Take the lead on family finances and help a close relative through a financial crisis.

Don't put aside all social activity, but don't talk business away from the office. Be sure that family affairs don't interfere with your job: Some important tasks, properly completed, can mean advancement.

As spring comes, your luck and skills are on the upswing; think things out and get moving. The strain you have been feeling passes, and vitality returns.

Keep up putting one foot ahead of the other; this steadiness will help at work and socially. Your judgment may not be tops now, so don't slight an important someone.

This is a good time to get some extra training on the job and, as summer comes, to think about a craft project you've been wanting to start at home.

The hot days are the days for you to be cool. Listen to the problems others bring you, but don't try to give too much advice. You'll be loved as a trusted listener.

Summer, too, marks a slowdown on the job: You feel that those in positions above you are stupid. Keep control; assume a low profile and muddle through; don't try to institute charges or be bombastic.

This is the time for the outdoor recreation you love. If you pace yourself, you can have a summer full of fun. Don't overdo and guard against fatigue. Do plenty of warm-up exercises before you play.

Family matters, especially where money is concerned, clear up by summer's end and you can give more attention to your own life. If there has been one particular person bothering you, seek him or her out and make peace. Late summer is a good time for a short vacation.

Fall is the time for pushing ahead. You will find that people look for your approval. Be prepared for some unexpected entertaining. Friends from out of town may show up or you may decide on the spur of the moment to have a party. Unplanned events will bring most pleasure.

With winter's arrival, be more methodical. Your luck's still running high, and you can expect happiness. Plan your social life with some care. This is not a time for romance, but rather for friendship and expansiveness.

Guard against overexposure. Colds and respiratory problems could be serious. At year's end listen to a trusted friend. The advice you receive can help in 1984.

CAPRICORN DECEMBER 22 TO JANUARY 19 Keywords: Service, Reassesment.

For Capricorns, 1983 opens calmly and will give time for some introspection.

If you have had a desire to go back to school or begin a special study program, this is the time.

You will also find the early months favorable for travel, mainly on short trips, mostly to be alone.

A member of your family will push you to help with a business investment. Be wary! The scheme is radical and not your sort. Just be careful how you reject it so as not to be insulting. Maintain a balance between truth and tact.

Spring is more active, and you should expect to do volunteer work, especially in some institution. Plan to help adults: Your empathy with children is low now.

This is a lucky time, but in a minor way. Games of chance are fine, but important investments are not. Numbers 7 and 4 are fortunate in 1983. This is also a time for fence-mending with family; speak freely.

Keep a low profile at work in late spring and early summer. Don't make any long-range commitments or investments. Be a good listener and, more important, remember what you hear. Take confidential conversations seriously -- you'll learn things that can help you later.

Summer is the best period of the year for you. You are able to think clearly and people will come to you for ideas and help. Try to help an organization that may be failing.

On the job you are on the threshhold of a breakthrough. Speak your mind to the boss, but don't be abrupt. He will be impressed with your candor and clear thinking. Don't be a nitpicker.

Continue your high level of activity in late summer. Outdoor recreation is called for. A short trip to play golf or tennis will be successful.

This is also a good time to get involved with an artistic project. A member of the opposite sex can be very helpful.

Fall brings romance back into the picture. You'll receive lots of calls and invitations -- accept as many as you want.

Your community standing's high and a job promotion's in the offing. Don't spoil things by being too outspoken.

Winter is the time for retrenchment and rethinking. Be conservative in career dealings, but don't become too rigid. Take the advice of the more experienced.

Holiday activity should be calm; spend the time with family.

AQUARIUS JANUARY 20 TO FEBRUARY 18 Keywords: Friendship; mental activity.

As 1983 opens, you are still on a roll from 1982. Continue to surround yourself with good friends. Don't overspend, and as the winter progresses, be prepared for a business opportunity.

Things are a little tougher on the job now since people tend to take you for granted. Work hard and this will pass.

The last of the cold days is a good time to get some long-postponed project going at home. It may well be the construction of a fence or some other barrier. Perhaps the addition of some storm windows is in order. Your luck is running high, but be careful of sharp motorized tools.

Spring brings good times. You are able to help family members over some rough spots, probably financial. This is also a time for romance. You may begin a relationship with someone you meet on a short trip. Don't make any longtime commitments -- play one day at a time. If you are married, a gift of silver is in order.

Don't be too serious about anything as summer comes on. Relax! There are some obstructions on the job, but frontal assaults are not called for at this time. Just drift with the tide. Make your plans and stick to them. Don't vacillate.

The hot summer days call for outdoor activity. The beach is the best place for you to exercise and keep out of harm's way. Your gambling luck is good and you can be a winner at cards. Just don't get overtired.

Things remain quiet on the job as long as you don't antagonize anyone.

Cooler weather brings an upswing in your life. It is, however, a time for you to exercise caution and control. There's a little bit of "people-don't-understand-me" in your attitude now, so shake it off. This is a good time to learn some new technique at the office. Someone you've held in low esteem can teach you something.

Late fall can bring disturbances in romance. If you become demanding and argumentative your partner will move away from you. Be poised and simmer down.

Winter will bring much activity to your job. There are all sorts of changes in the works, and many of them can be favorable to you. Listen to a trusted friend who can advise you well. Be sure you let him know you are grateful.

During this time keep your home life on an even keel. You'll be expending so much effort, mostly mental, at work that you'll need peace and quiet at home. Make sure that family members understand the strain you're under.

Keep a careful calendar during the holidays -- a mixup of dates can cause severe hurt.

PISCES FEBRUARY 19 TO MARCH 20 Keywords: Fame, Practicality.

The early part of the new year may find you downcast. Fight off the blues and keep very busy, especially in career matters. This is a good time to bring forth some new idea on the job; it will be will received.

Hard work can make you optimistic, so raise your sights and ambitions. If you are planning some remodeling at home, this is a good time to get started.

Early spring sees your career flourishing. It's also a time for some risk-taking; indications for luck are strong.

Late spring is a time for community involvement or volunteer work: Both will be successful and can bring recognition.Romance in your life picks up, especially with an Aries or Cancer. You are creative, and this is a good time to pick some new furniture you need.

Be careful in money matters.You don't want to make investments, at least till fall; above all, don't overspend. Postpone a vacation until later in the year.

Early summer brings an upswing in social activities. You are a gracious host and people will seek your invitations. Yet, the occasions can bring both good and bad news. Early on, you will meet people at a social function who will be able to help you in business. Later there's a chance you'll overindulge and become ill. Be conservative in diet. Be kind and tactful and no one will know you aren't up to par.

The hot days are again days of activity. Doing things to improve your house or apartment can make property values rise. There will be an opportunity to sell some property, for yourself or for a friend.

This is also the time for romance to return to your life. Now the relationship can be more meaningful and longer-lasting. For the married, a second honeymoon is in order. Don't make any major financial decisions now.

Late summer and fall are slower. You can communicate now and will find pleasure in some speculation. Don't commit to any big deals, but save those for next year. You'll find your energy level high, so balance it with some vigorous outdoor exercise.

Late fall brings a series of problems in your love life. You feel you are losing your independence and are trapped. There is a temptation to be rude and break away. Think very carefully before you do.

Winter should be devoted to your job and investments. You'll be in a position to get good advice -- heed it.

The year-end social whirl is best left alone. You're not in the mood to be frivolous, so usher in 1984 quietly.