According to many of his faithful famished, the secret of Evan A. Sholl's success is simplicity. Sholl has never tried to be fancy at his two downtown cafeterias. He doesn't serve espresso or quiche. You want beans, you get beans, and plenty of them.

The result? Sholl's Cafeterias are one of the longest-running culinary acts in town. The loyalty of their customers would put most expense-account places to shame.

Last week, that loyalty was expressed in a special way. As Evan A. Sholl wrote:

"Nov. 27, Washington was the site of one of numerous demonstrations which occur each year. Things got out of hand, and as a result, nine of our 12 windows were broken. Fortunately, none of our wonderful customers or employes were hurt.

"Enclosed, please find a check for Children's Hospital for $100. Some of our wonderful customers, either by check or anonymously, donated money for repairing our windows . . . . With their permission, I have added some to it to make an even $100 and would like to give it to Children's Hospital on their behalf."

Consider it done, Mr. Sholl. Like you, Children's has some wonderful customers. Thanks to you and yours for helping the kids at Children's get better.