Jan Van Dyke, once one of this town's most committed dance-makers and teachers, will temporarily leave her West Coast digs this week and return to her old haunt -- Adams Morgan's The Dance Place -- for a set of two performances.

With her long, lean body, closely-cropped hair and feline features, Van Dyke projects a double-edged aura of severity and calm. The solos she has created over the past decade make maximum use of these contrasting qualities.

"Waltz," to Strauss' big, beautiful "Blue Danube," begins with the dancer standing still as the music washes over her. This resistance, sustained throughout the work, plays counter to our expectations of movement and musical alliances. "Golddust Woman," from "Fleetwood Mac Suite," allows the choreographer to show off a wider range of movement and to flaunt her elfin, slinky charms.

There's "Big Show," to music by Sousa, and "Double Time," which points up Van Dyke's recent exploration of repetition and pulse. The program closes with "Spike," a vigorous, obsessively rhythmic quartet to Laurie Anderson's hit single, "O Superman," performed by Jefferson James and other members of the Contemporary Dance Theater of Cincinnati. JAN VAN DYKE, Saturday and Sunday at 8. The Dance Place, 2424 l8th Street NW. Tickets $6, $5 students and over-65s. Call 462-1321.