Infant stimulation, predicts Dr. Lynn Balzer-Martin of Georgetown University Medical Center, "is the next big wave coming" for aware parent/consumers. But they will "have to ask their hospitals for it, even clamor for it," before programs are structurally organized.

Among area programs for parents:

* Washington Adventist Hospital, Takoma Park--Introduction to Infant Stimulation, once a month, $2 per person. 891--5305.

* Montgomery County Public Schools Adult Education--Series of eight classes, once a week for 2 hours, $44. "Parent--Infant Development Course" includes infant-stim techniques. Also offers infant-stimulation course for developmentally delayed babies. 942-8304.

* Oakton, Va.--Physical therapist Priscilla Lehman interested in offering infant-stimulation classes in her area. (703) 938--3598.

* Speakers--Jeannine La Ronde, Herndon, Va., registered nurse and president of the ISEA Washington chapter, will provide speakers and private class information. (703) 437-4157.

For general information: Infant Stimulation Education Association, UCLA Center for Health Sciences, Factor 5--942, Los Angeles, Calif. 90024. (213) 825-9402/9403. Offers publications, tapes, toys and other materials.

Recommended books:

Baby Learning Through Baby Play, Dr. Ira Gordon (St. Martin's).

Learning Games for Infants and Toddlers, Dr. J.R. Lally and Dr. Ira Gordon, (New Readers Press).

Learning Games for the First Three Years, J. Sparding and I. Lewis (Berkley paperback).

Other infant-stim tools:

* Smart Toys--For Babies from Birth to Two by Kent Garland Burtt and Karen Kalkstein (Harper Colophon books, $8.95): Includes 77 easy-to-make toys, using either common household items or inexpensive supplies available at stationery and hardware stores.

* "Lullaby From the Womb" (Capitol Records ST--1141): Features taped sounds of mother's heart beat that baby hears in utero for newborns to 2 weeks of age and classical selections studies have shown babies respond to. Also soothing for mothers.