Woody Allen might have to rethink his line about wanting to go back to the womb--anybody's--in light of research alleging that every womb may not be so user-friendly. But judging from writer Sarah Ban Breathnach's account on Monday, daughter Katherine Eireann Sharp must have had a lovely time during her 9-month stay. She was privy to, among other things, Yeats' "Cradle Song" and "The Stolen Child" . . . (Oh come away, oh human child . . .)

The lullabies and the poetry of Kate's last six weeks of occupancy are now her favorite accompaniment for sleep, says Ban Breathnach, Takoma Park. "I like to think it's because she's familiar with them." Although Ban Breathnach is, of course, skeptical about all claims for prenatal cognizance, she is convinced about one postnatal carryover: "I used to rub my belly a lot, and now I do the same rhythmic rubbing on her back, and it calms her immediately."

There's no question that objects in black and white--recommended by Infant Stimulation experts over the usual nursery colors--are the most mesmerizing to 7-week-old Kate. "It's fascinating to watch," says Ban Breathnach. "Not too scientific, but loads of fun."