I remain worried that, when this year's annual fund-raising campaign winds up on Saturday, the total will be considerably short fo last year's. However, when I open envelopes like the one from Pike & Fischer, Inc., of Bethesda, I get a little more hopeful.

P & F employes donated $141 two years ago. Last year, they gave $200. This year, their total grew to $464. That's the sort of additional push we need from everyone. My thanks are aimed Bethesdawards.

The employes of the mail equipment shops at U.S. Postal Service headquarters contributed $230 to our campaign, and the Boogie Down Dancers of Bethesda gave $10. The Silver Tongues Toastmistress Club contributed $50, and the employes of Jumbo Food Store No. 10 in Annandale gave $108.50.

Other givers: the Psychological Services Division of the C.I.A. ($155), the Hexagon theatrical and social club ($1,000, in memory of member Diane Zielinski), the part-time crews at Capital Centre ($250), the Analysis and Programming Division of the Government Printing Office ($277), the staff at COMSAT's general counsel's office ($100) and the sales and administrative staffs of Bethesda's Miller Company ($155).

A couple of high rollers to top things off: $1,313 from management and staff of TeleSec Temporary Services, and $687 from the gang at Johnson Systems of McLean.

The kids appreciate it. So do I.