Last night bejeweled and be-minked guests paid $75 to $125 a person to attend the elegant New York Winter Antiques Show held in the Seventh Regiment Armory on New York's Upper East Side.

Unless you count the ones who didn't pay at all. They didn't have any jewels or minks, either. They were the guests of Mario Cuomo, the new governor of New York.

According to the show's spokeswoman, Joanne Crevelling, Cuomo ordered that the armory open its fifth floor so the homeless would have a place to sleep.

As swarms of glitterati sipped champagne, the homeless swarmed in.

Said Mrs. David K.E. Bruce, one of the guests at the show, "I think it is splendid that they would do this here tonight."

Another guest, an antiques dealer nibbling on shrimp, wasn't so sure. He stared and asked: "Homeless from where?"

Meanwhile, men in green Army fatigues traipsed past the Beluga caviar. One, who gave his name as "Congo," said he was there to set up cots on the fifth floor, and he thought it fitting that the homeless should be housed in the armory last night.

The antiques show is a benefit for the East Side Settlement House in the ravaged South Bronx section of the city. Last year, the show raised about $200,000 for the charity--about the price of a single Chippendale highboy. --Jeffrey Hogrefe