Some reminders on buying movie tickets in bulk, for which theaters may reduce adult, prime-time seats up to 60 per cent:

* Ask about specific restrictions.

* Be realistic about locations and personal tastes in movies.

* Consider enlisting others to share in the bulk cost.

* Get exact details on cost and benefits by phoning or visiting your local theater in the afternoon.

A sampling of area packages:

* American Film Institute at the Kennedy Center: As a member you receive a monthly calendar of upcoming American and foreign film screenings, and can reserve tickets sold at member's discount.

* AMC Theaters' "Exchange Tickets": Minimum purchase of $200 for either $1.75 tickets, good Sunday through Thursday, or $3 tickets for Friday and Saturday shows.

* Circle Theater (D.C.) "Subscription Books": $10, valid for 10 admissions to any show.

* NTI Theaters "Econo-Tickets": minimum purchase of 50 tickets at $2.65 each, good for all shows with no restrictions or time limits.

* Roth's Theatres "Celebrity Tickets": minimum purchase of 100 tickets at $2.50, good for all shows with no restrictions, but valid only for one year from date of purchase.

* Showcase Theaters "Entertainment Book": costs $15 for $20 worth at any Showcase Theater.