It might be heresy to suggest passing up the Superbowl this Sunday, but for any renegades interested in a different but no less enticing sort of movement, there's Nina Wiener and Dancers at the University of Maryland's Tawes Theater.

A former member of Twyla Tharp's company (some refer to her as a post-Tharpian choreographer), Wiener is one of the brainiest, wittiest dance-makers in New York. She seems to consider each limb individually: Her works include movements for nose, toe, elbow, as well as the more conventional arm, leg and torso. There's a casual elegance about her work that endears her to contemporary dance enthusiasts and balletomanes alike -- she was one of six participants in the American Ballet Theater workshop.

Wiener's troupe consists of five sleek and elastic dancers -- Bebe Miller, Timothy Buckley, Elisabeth Roux, Erin Thompson and the choreographer herself.They'll be performing a smorgasboard of dances: "Kemo Sabe," a Wild West send-up full of cowboy gestures, bandannas and body slaps; excerpts from "The Condor Material," a study of the upper body as well as a dialogue between upper and lower regions; the lyrical, New-York-at-cocktail-hour "Lullabies for Elisabeth"; and Buckley's spirited "Irish Jumping Songs," a perfectly crafted, lilting romp.

NINA WIENER AND DANCERS -- Sunday at 8, University of Maryland's Tawes Theater, College Park. Tickets $6.50 at Ticketron, Maryland Student Union Box Office and at the door. Call 454-4546.