That guitarist Emily Remler records for the Concord Jazz label is a good indication of her approach to music: Just as Concord caters to a mainstream jazz audience and does it well, so does Remler. At 25, she's one of the more promising artists on the jazz horizon.

Like the majority of Concord releases, Remler's second album, "Take Two," is easy on the ears, well produced and not the least bit adventurous. This is all to the good, given that Remler, who's yet to develop a truly distinctive style, is most comfortable and convincing working with the basics. In this case, the basics include a steady if hardly inspired rhythm section (largely distinguished by the equally promising pianist and ex-Jazz Messenger James Williams); several jazz standards (tunes by Brubeck, Adderley, Tyner and Santamaria, among others) and a couple of original pieces that alternately reflect debts to Wes Montgomery and Jim Hall.

Remler's warm, almost muted tone and unhurried, melodic phrasing make for jazz that charms, soothes and pleases. More exciting sounds may well come later. ON RECORD, ON STAGE THE ALBUM

THE EMILY REMLER QUARTET -- Take Two (Concord Jazz CJ-195). THE SHOW

THE EMILY REMLER QUARTER, Friday and Saturday at 10 and midnight at the One Step Down.