People who have always had trouble telling computers from hurricanes were dismayed two weeks ago to learn that Apple Computer Inc. has a new model called Lisa.

Apart from sexism (it could just as well have been called Silas), the new logical interactive software zubbity-zub raises, for the first time, the prospect of Agnes, Camille, and similar winds of gruesome memory.

Apple offices in New York said Lisa is the only girl in their line. But Math Box, a Washington computer sales outlet, said there is a computer called MacIntosh, and that is but a buzz and a blink distant from Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Shortly to be followed by Goneril, Cordelia, Cleopatra and Gonorea, most likely.

There is no movement afoot, The Post has learned, to nip this business of naming computers for girls in the bud. The future, however, may show the wisdom of having established in 1983 a Society for the Prevention of Using Girls in Computers (SPUGC) and the future may bring regrets that no such society appears yet to have been instituted.

An amateur philosopher of the capital, reached after difficulty, said nothing would surprise him, computerwise.

"Computers are democracy in action. Of, by and for imbeciles, and America, which is at the bottom of the list of all industrial nations in education, may confidently be expected to lead the world in computers. It started, as far as many people know, with the Apple, but of course it didn't end there. You remember Eve."