If you're thinking of seeing the latest Italian import, "Leap Into the Void," why not schedule elective surgery instead? Or sort socks?

Oh, but director Marco Bellocchio must have thought himself a 10 on a scale of 81/2 with this one. And star Anouk Aim,ee, limp, wan, worn, burned-out, is totally boring, all film long. She plays the insane sister of a compulsive magistrate (Michel Piccoli), who falls in love with suicide.

A lot of characters pass through "Leap": a crazy young man, a bunch of kids in white nightgowns, this one and that one. Only by consulting the production notes do we learn that these are flashbacks. No distinctions of any kind are drawn.

On and on it drags, one scene more preposterous and pretentious than the last. And the dialogue: "I hear the violent sound of toilets flushing in the night." This from a sordid leftist (Michele Placido) who drives his mistress up the wall and out the window in the opening frames.

Aim,ee regains her sanity when she hears Placido utter the immortal -- "Who am I? A puppet tied like a salami?" She stops throwing wet clothes out the window, beating the dining table with lunch meats and talking to herself in the hall closet.

Her brother, meantime, begins to lose it. He snuffles around her bed to imply relations' relations. Then his sister, a 50-year- old virgin, learns about male anatomy from the maid (Gisella Burinato) who draws an example for her. The brother throws soup spoons on the floor. None of this comes in any special order and mere subtitles can't translate Bellocchio's intent.

The visually gloomy "Leap" lumbers on to its sustained climax. Placido breaks into Piccoli's home and smashes up his office -- evidently a socio-political statement of some kind -- finally urinating on the judge's desk. My sentiments exactly. LEAP INTO THE VOID -- At the KB Janus.