Bobby Beathard, general manager of the Super Bowl champion Washington Redskins, spends his weekends in synch with the seasons -- but not the seasons you and I know.

Forget the summer-fall-winter-spring routine. In Beathard's life, it's pre-season, the season and the draft season, which began the day after the Redskins won the Super Bowl, and ends April 27, when the Skins select the most draft choices available to them in recent years. Unlike the skeletal selections available in the immediate post- George Allen years, the Skins now have nine of 12 rounds in which to select.

Last weekend Beathard spent Saturday in Tampa with trainer Bubba Tyer evaluating 200 college senior football players. But more typically, he spends part of Saturday going over scouting reports at Redskins Park.

"With three teenagers at home, it's possible to see one, two or three at breakfast, depending upon whether they had a game the night before," says Beathard. "Both boys played football at Oakton this year -- Jeff, 19, was the quarterback and Casey, 17, a running back. I saw all the games."

Jaime, 14, is on her school's tennis team, spends part of the weekend riding horses and recently took up distance running, competing in 10-kilometer races.

Eldest son Kurt is completing his first year at Cal Polytechnic College in California. Kurt was a freshman quarterback for the school last fall -- the same position his father played there more than 20 years ago.

Distance running is something both Beathard and his wife, Christine, take seriously. On a free Saturday morning this time of year, Beathard, 46, will go on a 20-mile run with the National Capital Track Club, more commonly called the GNATS. After the long run, Beathard might meet Christine in Georgetown for lunch and a browse through stores. Late in the afternoon, they might run six or seven miles together with their Rhodesian Ridgeback hound, Blue.

At this time of year, Beathard usually looks for at least one Sunday road race to cap off his 80-mile-plus training week.

Last year, beginning in late February, Beathard ran four weekend 26.2-mile marathons in three months, from the Boston marathon to an obscure marathon in Oregon where he was part of a five-man GNATS masters team that won the national 40-49 age team marathon title for that distance.

The team was diverse: a Fairfax circuit court judge, Richard Jambrosky; Faye Bradley, a doctor; Dick Hipp, a Defense Department employee; and Charlie Ross of the CIA. They all finished in the top 10.

"I was tenth," says Beathard.

Two weeks ago, Beathard took the entire family to Pasadena. This was Beathard's fourth trip to the Super Bowl: He went once with Kansas City and twice with Miami.

After a game (in season) or a race, the Beathards like to relax at a good restaurant in Georgetown or a "down and dirty" chili parlor in Old Town.

This Sunday, the Redskins executive who was responsible for choosing most of the team that surprised the nation just by being in the Super Bowl, plans to "relax" by running the 23 miles from Herndon to Purcellville with a group of track-club friends. Afterward, his family and friends will join him for breakfast at the '40s-vintage White Castle restaurant in Purcellville.

"But I'm not running back," he says, "I'm out of shape."