The folks at Capitol City Glass Company, Inc., of Southeast point out that I neglected to mention their $410 contribution to Children's Hospital during the 1982-83 campaign. I'm happy to do so here and now.

Authorship of a pun prompted Georgetown University English professor Philip Herzbrun to cry foul.

In a column last November, I attributed the line "publish or parish" to a New York priest. "Hell," writes Herzbrun, "that's mine."

"A few years ago," he says, "I was interviewed about tenure practices at GU. I said (rightly or wrongly) that Georgetown is not a 'publish or perish' school. The Hoya the school newspaper printed 'publish or parish,' and I was credited with some kind of mot . . . . I claim priority." Glad to set things straight, professor.

Finally, I reported recently that George Washington University Hospital charges more for a chest X-ray than Georgetown University Hospital, the Washington Hospital Center or Sibley Hospital.

Not exactly so, writes David O. Davis, a GW professor of radiology. The price I quoted for GW includes a fee for the technician who reads the X-ray, Dr. Davis points out, while the prices I gave for the other three hospitals did not. If you want to speak in terms of what the whole procedure costs, the correct figures are: Georgetown $58, GW $55, Washington Hospital Center $49.65 and Sibley $39.50.