One block east of Colesville Road, near where it crosses Sligo Creek in Silver Spring, there sits an innocent, two-block-long street named Kingsbury.

The three street signs posted along Kingsbury call it Kingsbury Drive. The tax bills of residents who live along the street refer to it as Kingsbury Drive. The official map on file at the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission calls it Kingsbury Drive.

But the American Automobile Association's map, the major gas company maps and those oversized map booklets that cab drivers and delivery men use call it Kingsbury Road. Even the map issued by the Montgomery County government has it wrong. Why? How? Since when? No one seems to know.

What difference does this make? Plenty, according to James D. Shaw, of 9210 Kingsbury Whatever, who has been laboring for years to get Kingsbury Drive put on all the maps and Kingsbury Road taken off them.

"I have had calls from people coming to my home to service appliances who call me and tell me that I am not on the map," Jim writes. And if company is coming to Jim's home by Metro, they won't find Jim's street on the map at the Silver Spring station, because it shows Kingsbury Road, too.

Jim tried to fix this once and for all by going personally to the office of the MNCPPC. "In my presence, they corrected what I was told was the master of the map covering our area," he writes. But the error persists nevertheless.

Evidently, this is a case of a mistake made once out of sloppiness and repeated time and again. Mistakes certainly happen. But isn't the creation of a new map, or the printing of a new edition of an old one, a time to doublecheck the accuracy of all the entries? Jim thinks so. I think so, too.