"High Performance" might have been called "Vroom at the Top." It's another of those vehicular vehicles in which the cars do all the acting, and another example of the rather sudden resurgence of commando action shows along the lines of the old "Mission: Impossible."

It is also, in the premiere on ABC tonight (Channel 7 at 8 o'clock), soporifically and depressingly mechanical, with the human beings doing their utmost to be even more mechanical than the cars. The stars include Jack Scalia, the underwear model who rebounds with this show after having failed earlier in the season on NBC's "Devlin Connection" with Rock Hudson. Here he gets to deliver emotion-charged dialogue like, "Go for it!"

Scalia, Lisa Hartman, Rick Edwards and Jason Bernard play members of a crack security team under the leadership of Mitchell Ryan. They hire out at "$5,000 a day plus expenses" for assignments like, in the opener, protecting a valuable racing car from industrial espionage. There's lots of driving, driving, driving, all of it around in circles many carsick TV viewers have seen too many times to count. If the characters were colorful or charismatic enough, it might work, but "High Performance" is a show with virtually nothing under the hood.