Some of the questions Washington historian Sarah Larson suggests asking in compiling a neighborhood history:

1. How long have you lived in this neighborhood?

2. How would you describe it? Are the residents varied or similar? Ethnically? Religiously? How many different languages are spoken here?

3. Are there many newcomers to the neighborhood? If so, are they much different from the old residents? How do the old residents feel about the newcomers?

4. If the neighborhood has been changing, where have the old residents gone?

5. Do you know your neighbors personally? Are there social activities, like an annual party?

6. Are there many different age groups in your neighborhood? If so, do they have much contact with each other?

7. Do the children go to public or private school?

8. Is there much crime in your neighborhood? How do the residents feel about walking in the evening?

9. Can you easily shop near your home for the things you need?

10. Do most of your neighbors work inside or outside the neighborhood? If outside, how do they get to work?

11. Do most of your neighbors vote? Do you? Is the neighborhood well-organized politically?

12. Is the local government responsive to neighborhood needs? Are city services adequate?