"If it destroys the arts, it's the humanities," said Guggenheim Museum Director Thomas M. Messer in a recent conversation. Said Don Moore, executive director of Dance/USA: "If the picture is bigger than the label, it's art. If the label is bigger, it's humanities." GOOD WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT: Out of curiosity, Sen. James A. McClure (R-Idaho) asked National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Francis S.M. Hodsoll in recent hearings before McClure's subcommittee, why he is spending $731,000 more on salaries this year than he had originally told Congress he would, and at a time when total personnel for the agency is supposed to be cut? Hodsoll said the increase was needed because of an "increased number of senior personnel," adding that a senior GS-15 "gets up toward $60,000." After some back-and-forth, McClure decided the numbers didn't add up and demanded a written report. According to subcommittee records, the NEA has added 17 positions, seven of them at the GS-15 level, bringing the agency's GS-15 contingent to 29. At $48,553 to $63,115 a whack, McClure wonders if this is the best way to spend federal arts money. Yesterday the bureaucrats were cranking out their report for McClure, and Hodsoll said in a telephone interview that there were 30 GS-15s when he took over the NEA. Seven of them left, and what he has done is simply replace them. An NEA spokesman said the 'crats "were concerned McClure didn't understand the situation." Hodsoll himself makes $68,400, and is worth every penny.