A new series of five chamber concerts honoring the late Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas will be added to the Kennedy Center's Terrace Theater season next fall. Fortas, himself a violinist, was the primary force in establishing a chamber hall at the Kennedy Center.

The first of what is expected to be an annual series will open with clarinetist Richard Stoltzman. The Guarneri String Quartet, too, will play, as will Jody Gatwood and Friends, a string ensemble; Tashi, a chamber group led by Stoltzman; and the Brandenberg Ensemble, with conductor Alexander Schneider and pianist Peter Serkin.

Marta Istomin, the Kennedy Center's artistic director, said these performers were chosen because "they are all people who actually knew Abe Fortas."

Money for these concerts is to come from the Kennedy Center's Fortas Memorial Fund, an endowment that already has more than half its $1 million goal.

There will be a concert May 25 by violinist Isaac Stern and pianist Eugene Istomin in the Terrace to benefit the fund. It will consist of Beethoven violin sonatas.

The addition of the Fortas concerts will bring the number of series in the Terrace Theater to seven; they will comprise 31 concerts. Subscribers will be able to choose among the events, putting together their own subscription packages. In the past each separate series sold as a unit. The season begins Oct. 4 with a concert by Stoltzman and concludes May 16, 1984, with an evening devoted to the works of composer/conductor Gunther Schuller.

The performers in the piano series are to be Shura Cherkassky, Byron Janis, Paul Badura-Skoda, Horacio Gutierrez and Jean-Bernard Pommier. In the regular chamber series there will be the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra, violinist Ruggiero Ricci and a joint recital by flutist Paula Robison and pianist Ruth Laredo.

The song recital performers are to be Peter Schreier and sopranos Judith Blegen, Barbara Hendricks and Lucia Popp. Those included in the American composers series will be Elliott Carter, Morton Feldman, Conlon Nancarrow, Laurie Anderson and Schuller.

There will be a three-concert Brahms chamber series, in observance of the 150th anniversary of the composer's birth. The Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio will be joined by violists Michael Tree, Kim Kashkasian and Walter Trampler, as well as clarinetist Harold Wright and horn player Barry Tuckwell.

There are also to be two choral concerts--one with the Norman Scribner Choir and the other with Paul Hill's Washington Singers.