It was college night at the Bayou last night and therefore somewhat fitting that Doug and the Slugs headlined. This Canadian sextet played the kind of good-time rock 'n' roll and catchy pop-rock that would appeal to undergraduates seeking nothing heavier than temporary relief from books and exams. Dressed like a '40s matinee idol, lead singer Doug Bennett enlivened the show with his comic delivery and satiric stage patter.

Unfortunately, when you look past this band's good humor and the simple danceability of covers like "Uptight," you are left with a pretty derivative and uninspired rock band. Their own compositions, such as "Operator," were mostly lightweight ditties that lacked emotional or intellectual depth. Still, this band saved itself by poking enough fun at everything to suggest that maybe they shouldn't be taken seriously either, just enjoyed.

Opening the show was Tough Luck, a local blues-rock band that set the evening's tone of humor-oriented music. Led by the vaudevillian clowning of lead singer Lips Lackowitz, the band served up a mixture of goofball comedy and blues and rock 'n' roll standards. Lackowitz is an animated stage performer who, at best, comes on like Jerry Lewis on a blues binge.