ACTOR ESAI MORALES, 20, made his movie debut in "Bad Boys," a violent, realistic look at teen-age crime in American cities. Morales, a graduate of New York's High School for the Performing Arts, laughs when he says he's not playing himself in the movie: "I'm not really a street kid gone good. But I was a kid who went against the odds to become an actor." He did all his own stunts for the movie, and says he actually staged a lot of the movement for the brutal fight scenes.

Morales picks his five favorite movies:

1. Cool Hand Luke: "Because Luke is such a beautiful character. But he's a screwball--things just keep going wrong for him."

2. Women in Love: "I could relate to the power in it--the intense friendship and the non-physical love between the two male characters."

3. The Godfather: "It was done with such quality. Everyone was so well cast, and the movie flowed simply, but it was deep."

4. A Clockwork Orange: "It's a movie that takes an extra step, it goes beyond. Kubrick was not afraid to show the ultraviolence. And some scenes, and the Beethoven, are unforgettable."

5. Apocalypse Now: "It was exotically erotic in some parts. The music was so essential and really came together with the images."