If today is your favorite day of the year, if you get a kick out of switching your spouse's bath salts with Jell-O and consider Laurel and Hardy role models, here's a workshop for you:

"The Fool's Journey," a six-week experiential workshop led by expressive therapist David Oldfield, director of the Midway Center for Creative Imagination, Psychiatric Institute Foundation. "Through guided fantasy, impromptu celebration and serendipitous play," he says, "we will call up the spirit of the fool in us."

The fool, says Oldfield, "is perhaps the least understood and so the most fascinating of all the archetypes at play in the depths of the psyche. Ever present historically, the fool seems to defy tight description, refuses to be locked into one form or function.

"From the id-level antics of Harlequin to the transcendent suffering of Pierrot, the fool moves like a counterweight to the rational thrust of culture, exposing the soft underbelly of being, dancing to a slightly syncopated rhythm through life. There is a bit of this fool in all of us, a voice we sometimes hear which calls us to dance and to dream life's grandest dreams."

The six, 90-minute workshops are scheduled for Wednesday nights April 6 to May 11 at the Psychiatric Institute Foundation facility at 4460 MacArthur Blvd. NW. Cost is $75, and enrollment is limited.

Should this workshop be filled, April Foolers might consider enrolling in the next offering, "The Trickster's Journey," part of the "Personal Mythology" series. For more information: 467-4538.