Picking up where we left off yesterday, the readers nominate these as reasons to love Washington:

* The windows of Woodward and Lothrop at Christmas--Elly Land of Triangle, Va.

* Hearing the Supreme Court in session--Julie Nathani of Northwest.

* Sunday polo matches on the Mall, suggests "a former New Yorker."

* Summer lunches in Farragut Square and Lafayette Park. "Great for boy-watching," says Jo Lynn M. Yates of Northwest.

* The return of Duke Zeibert's--Kathy Hensley of Greenbelt.

* A pair from Gwendolyn Tracy of Takoma Park: The fact that the cherry blossoms never bloom when they're expected to, and the fact that you can make four consecutive right turns in Washington and seldom end up where you started.

* Radio reverence: WHFS, votes Donna Peratino of Silver Spring. Make that WAVA and DC 101, says William Goldstein of Fairfax Station.

* The cheerful way the flags around the Washington Monument flap on a windy day--Jill McDougall of Rockville.

* "Circles circles circles . . . trees trees trees . . . statues statues statues," votes Cyndie Richards of Northwest.

* Johnny, the flower salesman on the corner of 15th and M--Margaret Overington of Northwest.

* The Senate subway, suggest Maggie, Carol and Jay Wolff of Bethesda.

* The lights of the city at night when landing at National Airport--Stephanie L. Rogers of Alexandria. So true, Stephanie. Many thanks.

"The feeling that no matter how humble your position here, no matter how small a cog you may be, this is still the navel of the universe and you're a part of it"--Edward L. Branham of Arlington.

* St. Patrick's Day (that night isn't so bad, either) at Matt Kane's--Ellen Sprouse of Falls Church.

* "Mstislav Rostropovich's affection" is the eloquent vote of Marla Gilson.

* Little Taverns, suggests Hunk Anderson of Hillcrest Heights.

* "The diversity one can observe in traveling from one end of Massachusetts Avenue to another," notes Tom Hier, who lives just off Mass. Ave. in Northwest. "The longest street in Washington has just about every type of housing, commercial establishment and political/diplomatic entity represented on it."

* Lest we forget, Neville R. Waters Jr. of Northwest casts a vote for Children's Hospital.

* Pre-Redskin picnicking from a tailgate in the RFK Stadium parking lot--Lola Capps of Woodbridge.

* The messages painted on the old cement abutment at the D.C. end of Chain Bridge. "For some heartwarming reason," observes Gloria Shirley of Vienna, "in the 10 years I've been crossing that bridge coming to work, none of the messages has been ugly or hateful."

* A worthy vote from James Manz of Reston: WMAL's Ed Walker, who has been playing it again, Ed, for three decades.

* The mounted unit of the U.S. Park Police--M.R. Rochford of Falls Church.

* The Taft and Duke Ellington Bridges--Jane Dean of Wheaton.

* Military funerals at Arlington National Cemetery--Bob Sellers of Arlington.

* The rotunda of the National Archives, and the people who "stand in awe" before the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution--June Robinson of Arlington.

* The owners of four-wheel-drive vehicles who help doctors and nurses get to our hospitals every time it snows--Jessica Auerbach of Silver Spring.

* Students at Gallaudet College "talking" to each other--Mrs. G.G. O'Rourke of Fairfax.

* The view from atop the Hotel Washington. How could we forget? Thanks to "devoted Washingtonians" Cindy, M.F. and Chris.

* "Beachless Beach Drive," votes Rick Niswander of Northwest.

* Finally, say Diane Atkins of Southeast, Eleanor Tougias of Rockville, and many others, "your column."

Now how the heck did that get in there?

Thanks, folks. Hats off to you, and to Our Town.