Among computerized decision aids currently available: General Decisions

* DecisionMaster, Syntonic Software Corp., available at the Program Store, 4200 Wisconsin Ave. NW, among other places. $29.95.

* Decision Maker and Decision Matrix, public-domain programs on the same disk, Vol. 5, available from the Apple/Boston Disk Library, c/o the Boston Computer Society, 3 Center Plaza, Boston 02108, (617) 367-8080. $15.

* DECISION AID, an experimental program available from Daniel Power, assistant professor of business planning and strategy, University of Maryland, 4313 Knox Rd., #217, College Park Towers, College Park, Md. 20740, 779-4768. Free, if diskette provided.

* VisiCalc Business Forecasting Model, VisiCorp. The first and best-selling of the electronic spreadsheets, which can be used for a range of financial planning, from budgeting to buying a house. Available at area software stores for about $100. Career Counseling

About 14 career-counseling systems are on the market. None for home use. All must be used through professional guidance or career counselors.

Two of the largest systems:

* DISCOVER, American College Testing Program, 230 Schilling Circle, Schilling Plaza S., Hunt Valley, Md. 21031 (301) 628-8000.

* SIGI, Educational Testing Service, Suite 300, 1800 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. 20036, 659-0616.