The assault on the poor old language continues. Interface has become epidemic, grody to the max vies with gag me with a spoon.

How many of your once-bright phrases should be packed off to the attic, with the wide neckties and the pillbox hats? Like these? back to basics or -- square one or -- the drawing board beautiful people belly up (what companies do -- in a recession or cowboys -- do to the bar) big bucks/enchilada/ink blow away can of worms card-carrying cash flow circle the wagons come here often &coming from corporate memory cost out couldn't agree more -- /care less cutting-room floor day/square/word one decision-making process different drummer dodged a bullet doing something right double-digit down the tubes do-wop driving force drop other shoe expletive deleted extra mile eyeball to eyeball fall between the cracks father figure feel free felt need fire in the belly forget it fun and games game of inches garbage in, garbage out get lucky good news and bad news gotta be kidding goes with the territory hang in there head hunters hearts and minds hidden agenda HONK IF YOU . . . How about that? I BRAKE FOR . . . identify with I'D RATHER BE . . . I know, I know. I love it, I love it! I(love) whatever -ing up a storm knee-jerk liberal knocks me out know in your heart laundry list like gangbusters making out market-oriented meaningful relationship media event mind-blowing, -boggling moment of truth move out nice to see you nitty-gritty no holds barred no panacea nuke the . . . oh, wow on a roll one-on-one on line only game in town/way to fly pecking order perceived as perfectly clear photo opportunity play catch-up power curve psyched up/out quick fix reach out and touch reinventing the wheel relate to revolving door right stuff, the ringing off the hook role model rubber chicken circuit safety net self-destruct shades of gray Silicon Valley since sliced bread smart money some of my best friends sorry 'bout that state-of-the-art stay away in droves stay tuned strung out take it from the top teeny boppers there ya go tip of the iceberg turn it around up for grabs wearing two hats welcome to the club wha's happenin? what did (e.g.) the president -- know and when did he -- know it? what else is new? what's a nice person -- like you . . .? what it's all about? what's your sign? whole 'nother window of vulnerability winning is the only thing wiped out with-it won't fly/wash work ethic would you believe? x numbers of yes, Virginia you name it you wouldn't believe your place or mine? you've been a wonderful -- audience.