We're winding down to the end of National Dance Week, and the calendar is still full of performance events, some of them quite offbeat:

* The Primary Movers, D.C.'s only modern dance company made up of elementary school children, will make an appearance Friday evening at the Gallery Place YWCA. Under the direction of choreographer/dancer Rima Wollf, they'll present the premiere of "The Wild Things." The dance, which grew out of discussion and improvisation among the children, explores shared fears and attitudes, and features monsters representing the "shoulds" and "should nots" that loom large in every young life.

* Kim Jones, a.k.a. The Walking Tree, covers his body in sticks and mud, strides down the street and engages surprised onlookers in casual conversation. You can join him on his walk from Seventh and D Streets NW to the White House Saturday afternoon.

* Sunday is May Day, and two local folkdancing teams, the Foggy Bottom Men and the Rock Creek Morris Women, will celebrate the birth of the new season in the courtyard of the Four Seasons Hotel. Wearing bright costumes, waving handkerchiefs, and playing bells, fiddles, accordions and sticks, the dancers present a robust form of English dancing often associated with the Robin Hood legend. THE PRIMARY MOVERS, Friday at 8. YWCA Penney Auditorium, 624 9th Street NW. $4 for adults, $3 for children. Call 638-2100. KIM JONES, Saturday at 3. Walk begins at Washington Project for the Arts, 400 Seventh Street NW. Free. Call 347-8304. MORRIS DANCING, Sunday at 1 and 2:30. Four Seasons Hotel (Plaza Cafe Courtyard), 2800 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Free. Call 342-0444.