I'm hooked on discount shopping. Is there such a thing in Paris, where I will soon spend a week's holiday?

The French are latecomers to discounting because French law discourages off-price selling of labeled merchandise. But merchants have found a way and the name to look for is DEGRIFFE, which means "without a label." There are lots of small shops around the commercial areas mainly featuring shoes and separates.

What's the best way to care for pearls? Should I put them away for the summer?

To the contrary, wearing pearls is considered by some the best thing you can do for them. The oil of the skin acts as a nutrient. The old idea about wearing pearls to the sea to wash them in salt water--from whence they came--seems risky because you could rot the connecting strings. Wipe them with a damp cloth instead.

We do an oil change more frequently as the car gets older. What can we do to our skin as we get older?

As we age everything slows down, including skin renewal. To keep skin glowing we need to speed up skin renewal by removing dead cells from the surface. The best thing we've used is Seven Day Scrub by Clinique. Start once a week and build up to once a day. Increased use of moisturizer also is necessary.

I've plotted my clothes for a '50s party but what about makeup?

Remember bright red lips, bright red nails, curly eyelashes and blue eyeshadow.

I am a tall woman who has a problem with my blouses slipping up out of my skirts. Should I simply wear them over my skirt or just keep on re-tucking them in?

Make sure that the blouses you buy are long enough to stay tucked in. A blouse that is too short doesn't work any better worn outside. To wear a blouse over your skirt and pants also requires an extra long blouse.

Help. I got ball point pen ink on my new leather skirt. What should I do?

Run directly to your reliable dry cleaner. Cleaning leather is tricky; suede is trickier. It may result in the dye coming out of the skirt so professional assistance is essential.

I'm having my portrait done in color. Can you suggest what I should wear?

It is difficult to advise because it depends on the individual, the setting and the style of portrait. However, it would be good to bring at least two choices with you to give the photographer/artist an option in helping you make the final decision. Another suggestion: Avoid too-bright colors that may be distracting, and steer clear of extreme fashion that may get more attention than the subject at a later date.