Among the major national color-consulting firms:

Color 1 Associates--Cofounded in 1968 by JoAnne Nicholson in the District and Judy Lewis-Crum in California. Has 290 consultants in 50 states and internationally, serving about 40,000 new clients a year. Consultants: 7-day training course in Newport Beach, Calif., $2,200 plus expenses, followed by apprenticeship. Client fees: about $75 in the Washington area for 1-2 hour private consultation. 2211 Washington Circle NW, Washington, D.C. 20037. 293-9175.

Color Me Beautiful--Founded in 1974 by Carole Jackson. Has 160 consultants in 38 states and around the world--including Panama and Japan--serving about 5,900 clients monthly. Training programs at company headquarters in McLean, Seattle or Dallas; 14-day course, $2,900. Client fees: about $55 for 2 1/2-hour class or $75 for all-day workshop, usually in small groups. Presentations to large groups, such as a corporation: several hundred dollars to $1,200 an hour. 6817 Tennyson Dr., McLean 22101. 790-0788.

Beauty for All Seasons--Founded in 1976 by Norma and Wayne Virgin and Verla Ball in Idaho Falls. More than 5,000 consultants in the U.S. and Canada. Seminars around the country for prospective consultants; 3-day training, $150. Most repeat the course three or four times; $50 each repeat. Client fees: $35-$150 per consultation. 360 B St., Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401.