Dance and film have a good deal in common: Dance has bodies moving through time and space; film has a camera doing the same. In tandem, these media can produce a startling array of images, rhythms and textures.

For the past seven years, dancer Susan Alexander and filmmaker David Robinson have been combining their art forms. Alexander, who has performed with such New York choreographers as Mel Wong, Diane Frank/Deborah Riley, Albert Reid and Billy Siegenfeld, presents solo dances by an assortment of artists. Robinson, a free-lance independent filmmaker, screens his own short films between Alexander's solos. Their collaborative work has the dancer appearing in the films or employing her sheet-covered body as a living screen onto which her partner projects a stream of cinematic images.

The pair's weekend performances at the Dance Place include two of these multi- media pieces, some film "entr'actes," and six solos selected by Alexander from contemporary choreographers. For example, on the humorous side, there's Ruth Barnes' "Enrico and the Change of Pace," which couples words and gestures from opera and baseball. "After Six," Keith Jones' lightweight, Twyla-Tharpish romp, is set to music by that grande-dame-of-cool, Grace Jones. Lynn Dally's "Solo," to a score by Gyorgy Ligeti, sends the dancer spinning, and buffets her around the space while creating an atmosphere of intensity and suspense. SUSAN ALEXANDER AND DAVID ROBINSON -- This Saturday and Sunday at 8 at The Dance Place, 2424 l8th Street NW. Tickets $6, $5 for students and senior citizens. Call 462-1321.