While bride-besotted June may be the cruelest month for singles, life over here in coupledom isn't always a bundle of orange blossoms. Although we married and--God forbid--moved to the suburbs, we did not become Ozzie and Harriet.

Sure, it's tiresome attending coupled dinner parties stag, but have you ever thought about having the same date for the rest of your life? Those wry little anecdotes your mate tells have the whole party in stitches. Except you. After the 10th repetition, it's an accomplishment not to anoint your partner's head with the linguine and clam sauce.

Don't get me wrong. I love being married. Still, there are times when I cast an envious eye at my single friends' social lives . . . the ego gratification of knowing you are invited for your own scintillating self, not as a matched set . . . the impetuous vacation in tandem precludes . . . spontaneity.

The truth is that neither state--single or mated--is perfect bliss. And in today's world, neither state is necessarily forever. For us mated folk, single friends bring a variety and a fresh perspective worth overcoming the social snags.

Singles, if you've had some social strain with your coupled buddies, this list may be some help:

Do utter our names separately upon occasion. Love shouldn't mean always having your names entwined. Even Rickyandlucy and Fredandethel deserve a break.

Don't be vague on social invitations. For those couples who haven't tied the knot, formal invitations issued in one partner's name can cause problems. Don't assume the recipient will automatically assume you've included the other.

Do ask your mated friends on spur-of-the-moment jaunts.

Don't stare at us scornfully and launch into a lecture when we "clear" things with our partner. We're not necessarily getting permission, but exercising courtesy.

Do continue to ask us to dinner after we've had a visit from the stork.

Don't be distressed if we request an unfashionably early dining time. Two-year-old's schedules have been known to lack sophistication.

Do expect your mated friends to continue helping you ogle attractive members of the opposite sex.

Don't take such lascivious behavior as a sign that our relationship is on the rocks. Even President Carter admitted to lusting in his heart.

Don't cross us out of your lives.