Pass the monkey wrench, Madge: The Young Caucasians have just recorded some of the most delightful garage rock since ? and the Mysterians got their driver's permits. Tinny, trashy and true to the great tradition of rock and roll delinquence, "Pop Quiz" offers seven tunes that are cheerfully punkish (in the archaic sense), blissfully immature.

One presumes that's a Farfisa Andy Kaulkin is pounding, but I get the feeling he could make a Hammond B-3 sound like a carillon of sardine cans. He's got a great riff down, though, and revels in playing it (tearfully on "Natalie"; ominously on "Little Sister Says"). The lyrics, particularly on the aforementioned track and "It's Quite Strange," are keen enough to give the impression that this is all done tongue in cheek; but no, it's just plain cheeky.

The cover of "Pop Quiz" sports an actual "test" that may or may not tell you some things about this local band (someone musta filched the answer sheet). Also, it's not certain whether this is an LP, an EP or a maxi- single too big for its britches. Whatever it is, though, it's bratty and fun, and poses with pride the musical question, "So What?" ON RECORD, ON STAGE THE ALBUM YOUNG CAUCASIANS -- Pop Quiz (Wasp NR14466). THE SHOW YOUNG CAUCASIANS, Friday at 8 at the Wax Museum.