It was so much fun the first time that, well, heck, let's do it again.

Herewith some more PFLNs, or Perfect Fit Last Names, all true, all verified by this reporter, as submitted by my loyal and laugh-prone readers. FROM THE WORLD OF MEDICINE

* The director of the Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute is Dr. Robert Strange (thanks, Sandra D'Onofrio of Alexandria and Edythe Grolton of Silver Spring). Elsewhere in shrinkdom, Gale Partoyan of McLean calls to say that the staff psychiatrist at Connecticut College when she was a student there was Dr. Leona Couch.

* Beverly A. Barth of Northwest has discovered a Dr. Miles Widen. Inevitably, he's a dentist. In the same line of work down in Colonial Beach, Va., is a Dr. Noel Root, reports Ruth Trammell of Annandale.

* Out in beautiful downtown Falls Church, there's a cardiologist named Dr. Richard J. Hart Jr.

* Mary C. Still of Alexandria nominates her mother's gynecologist: Dr. William Lady. And for a perfectly imperfect PFLN, how about Nancy Lively? She's a nurse at Northern Virginia Doctors Hospital -- specializing in anesthesia. FROM THE WORLD OF ACADEMIA:

* Who was chairman of the poultry science department when Leslie A. Braunstein of Silver Spring attended the University of Wisconsin? Why, Hiram Bird, of course.

* And there's this threesome from college sports: Joe Bunt, the baseball coach at Duchess Community College in New York State (thanks, John F. Peluso of Poughkeepsie, N.Y.), Donald Drown, the swimming coach at Montgomery College (thanks, Tony Glaros of Northwest) and Phyllis Sweat, women's athletic director at Hampton Institute (thanks to Joe Ritchie of our staff). FROM THE GOVERNMENT

* Tiffany Jones of McLean remembers a Marine sergeant who used to startle people by answering the phone in the Pentagon chaplain's office: "Chaplain's office, Saint Peter speaking."

* The woman formerly in charge of long-range forecasting at the Social Security Administration? Why, Dorothy Projector, who else? (appreciate it, Toni Jabine of Northwest). And the woman in charge of studying accident statistics for the U.S. Department of Transportation? Why, Grace Hazzard, naturally (much obliged, Nancy Simmons of Fairfax Station).

* When he isn't working in the halls of Congress for Rep. Bill Hefner of North Carolina, he runs a members-only elevator. So he's a two-fer, that Speed Hallman of Southeast.

* Ronald C. Semone of Northwest points out a counselor in the Office of Personnel Management's employe relations office who works with employes having trouble: Janet Cope. FROM THE WORLD OF BUSINESS

* Gordon Thomas reports an attorney in Arlington who specializes in real estate work: Neil Title.

* Cathy Lyons of McLean notes an ad in a local paper, wherein silk flower arrangements are for sale. The seller: Patti Bloom.

* The gang at ABC Radio downtown keeps a list of PFLNs to cause a giggle or two, and this is the latest entry: a Key West, Fla., restaurateur named Larry Formica. Cathy Buckley of ABC says there's "no word if it's a classy place, but I hope it has a counter."

* It doesn't get any better than the employe of the Purchase, N.Y., sanitation department whom Kathryn Brooke of Northwest once knew: Mr. Seuer.

* Meanwhile, out in Springfield, William S. Cale has a letter carrier named Richard Sorter.

* Lynn E. Bandfield of Madison National Bank "could not resist" nominating one of Madison's vice presidents: Carl V. Bank.

* Peggy Jones of Falls Church knows a realtor named Jeri Sellman (Bring interest rates down, and you'll find out just how P your PFLN is, Jeri).

* Last word goes to Peggy Sillars of Hyattsville. How, she asks, can we forget one of Prince George's County's newest morticians -- former Congressman Charles Diggs?