Some choreographers seem to be everywhere, gyrating and gesturing like mad. Others, like Dianne Hunt, quietly surface once or twice a year with a new collection of dances crafted like polished stones.

This weekend, Hunt and her current company of seven women will present a program of mostly lyrical but occasionally humorous pieces.

"Close" etches a friendship between two women. Threading about each other, bobbing along like partners in a pony cart, the choreographer and Josephine Nicholson exude trust and delight. "Light in Autumn," a three-part dance suite inspired by the music of jazz pianist George Winston, expands the interaction to five women. Taking off from the composer's seasonal imagery, the work presents a lush, pastoral stage picture. The group moves in cycles and patterns, with soloists emerging from time to time in bouts of loneliness or longing.

On the flip side, there's "Be More -- Ascend!" It's a hilarious, unpredictable solo that Hunt performs to a sound track of Edvard Grieg and classified ads. Company member Nancy Havlik's "Everything's Matter" rounds out the evening. Her trio, to music by Dave Brubeck, has each dancer playing a physical property of matter -- solid, liquid, gas. DIANNE HUNT -- This Friday and Saturday at 8 at YWCA Penney Auditorium, 624 Ninth Street NW. Tickets $6; $5 students and seniors.