Baltimore director John Waters, creator of such bizarre films as "Pink Flamingos" and "Polyester," picks his five favorite movies:

1."All of the Francis the Talking Mule movies. It's the one series of movies I'm insanely jealous I didn't do. Mainly because I'd love to convince a producer to have Divine meet Francis the Talking Mule.

2.Homicidal by William Castle. "I loved this one because they had my favorite movie gimmick, called 'Chicken's Corner.' They stopped the film and gave you a chance to leave and get your money back if you were too frightened. You would follow the yellow chicken footprints up the aisle as you were bathed in a yellow spotlight, and a recording intoned, 'Watch the coward . . .' So you were completely humiliated in front of the entire audience. It was a good movie, too."

3.The Naked Kiss by Sam Fuller. "It's the only movie I've ever seen where crippled children jump out of the wheelchairs and start to sing. It's about this prostitute that tries to go straight and she finally falls in love with a good man. Then when she kisses him, she recognizes it as the kiss of a pervert, and he turns out to be a child molester. I rented this one and showed it at my Christmas party last year."

4.All That Heaven Allows by Douglas Firk. "Because of the scene where Rock Hudson and Jane Wyman are finally reunited in love after he's fallen off a cliff and been crippled and everything. As they kiss, this deer wanders up to the window. It's unbelievable."

5.Something Wicked This Way Comes. "The 'Heaven's Gate' of the Walt Disney studios, and it also has a tornado scene in it. I automatically love any movie with a tornado scene."