Sharon Mangus' clients are mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore. They've been used, abused and humiliated. To take the sting out of being stung, Mangus, 30, a graduate of Sweet Briar College with a B.A. in psychology, has started a company, GOTTA GRIPE. Its slogan: "Don't be had; be mad."

--slogan for GOTTA GRIPE"Our goal," says the flyer, "is to provide you with an effortless resolution to your problem." No problem, says Mangus, is too small or too silly "if it's real to you."

One of her recent clients applied put on her best face to apply for a job at a singles bar, where the employer was looking for a "pretty girl with a good personality and a nice smile." When the applicant, anxious for the job, gave the perspective employer her most dazzling smile, disaster struck: A temporary cap from one of her front teeth fell out and landed smack dab on the interviewer's desk. The young woman fled from lady ran out of the room sobbing, the man's laughter echoing in her ears.

She didn't get the job. She was humiliated and she was MAD.

GOTTA GRIPE to the rescue. While the chance for the job was, of course, irreversible, GOTTA GRIPE did manage a deal with her client's dentist that entitled her to a considerable discount on the "permanent" cap.

Another young lass, bound for a sun-and-sea vacation, got her eyebrows and eyelashes tinted the day she was leaving. Shortly after she left the shop, the dark dye started running, and according to Mangus, the fair maiden had circles all around her eyes and "looked like Groucho Marx." Another treatment from another salon and she was back to normal. But GOTTA GRIPE got her what she wanted: reimbursement from the first salon for both treatments.

both from both salonsdwanted money from both places reimbursed. GOTTA GRIPE delivered again.

"Its like the doormat theory," says Mangus, who has set up her office in the basement of her Arlington home. "I think that every time a person allows himself or herself to be walked on or ripped off, it not only affects their wallet, but also their self-confidence and feelings of power and worth . . . It doesn't have to be monetary compensation all the time, but I know from my past experiences that something is better than nothing."

For a pro-rated fee of $20 an hour, Mangus, who considers herself a "consumer consultant," will persevere with your problems and only charge if she gets some kind of satisfaction for you. GOTTA GRIPE: (703) 379-2552.