CAPTION: Picture 1, If you want to hold onto your hair--even when it's hot--forget the haircut and clip it back when the weather gets unbearable. These "crazy crab" plastic clips, remarkably similar to those used by hairdressers, are the current rage on the French Riviera. In lots of colors at Bloomingdale's, $5 for a packet of four. The newest version of the ever-popular, original French espadrille: pastel stripes shot through with metallic threads. Preferred Stock, 3301 New Mexico Ave. NW, $22.; Illustration, Paint the town (or your house) in this jumpsuit and then discard it like paper, which is what it is. For both men and women. Fawcett Boat Supplies, 110 Compromise St., Annapolis, $4.99.; Picture 2, The kind of shirt Giorgio Armani might wear, and often does: faded blue-denim cotton/polyester knit pullover with white knit collar. The wrinkles are intentional. By Armani at Garfinckel's, $48; Picture 3, In the bag for summer evenings: handwoven in China from wheat straw, hand-dyed and lined with silk. Noble Trading Company, 809 Cameron St., Alexandria, $5.; Picture 4, Newest version of ever-popular French espadrille. Preferred stock, 3301 New Mexico av. NW, $22. Photos by Lucian Perkins--The WashingtonPost; Illustration by Martha Vaughan for the Washington Post