Kerry McClurg, the 19-year-old aspiring actress billed as the University of Maryland's student body in the current Playboy magazine feature "Girls of the Atlantic Coast Conference," has never taken a class at the University of Maryland.

"I registered with the intention of attending," McClurg said yesterday from the Colesville, Md., video store where she works 25 to 30 hours a week. "But I didn't have the finances. I plan to take classes as soon as I can afford it."

McClurg was admitted to the College Park campus May 2 for the 1983 summer term only, a university spokeswoman said yesterday. But McClurg has never registered for any classes, and her $20 registration fee has not been paid.

Photographer David Chan photographed McClurg on May 4, according to Playboy publicity director Dave Salyers. "We don't lie about these things," Salyers said. "We've had people try to sneak into these things before, so we require a student ID or registration or something that shows admission to the university."

Playboy's files contain a photograph of McClurg's admissions acceptance, on university letterhead, dated May 2. "Officially," Salyers said, "she's a student. We're not about to put private detectives after her to make sure she goes to classes."

McClurg, pictured kneeling in the nude in the current Playboy, had said in an interview Monday that she "just managed to graduate" from High Point High School in Prince George's County in 1982. "I was in a talented and gifted program when I was real young," she said. "I never studied but I got A's.

"But by my senior year of high school I was just so bored I didn't apply myself." Her high school grade point average: "1.6 or something like that."

McClurg yesterday said she took 12 credits at Towson State University as a theater arts major in the fall of 1982, then quit because "it didn't work out . . . I was working 30 hours a week, going to school and rehearsing in a show. It was too much."

McClurg said a friend who attended the University of Maryland showed her Playboy's ad in the campus newspaper, The Diamondback, early in the year. A photographer friend shot the required full-body and head shots of bathing-suit clad McClurg in the back room of the video store, which she sent in to Playboy. She was one of about 200 respondents to the Diamondback ad. Playboy called her in April to set up a photo session. In an article accompanying the pictorial, McClurg is quoted as saying: "I've wanted to be in Playboy since I was 14."

As to whether Playboy's presence on the College Park campus affected her scholastic plans, McClurg said: "I showed Playboy my admission slip. That's all I have to say."

Students admitted to the university, as McClurg was, for the "summer session only" are considered "special students" and must reapply for admission to the fall or spring semesters, noted the University of Maryland spokeswoman.

Since McClurg has missed the April 30 deadline for admission to the fall 1983 semester, the spokeswoman said, "she could only gain admission in exceptional circumstances on a space-available basis.

"University enrollment is at capacity now, so she'd have to be an exceptional student . . . With a GPA of 1.6, as a state resident she'd need a combined SAT score of 1230."

Her chances of admission? Said the spokeswoman: "Very unlikely."