Last fall, a small performing company named Triple Time made its debut with a thought-provoking program devoted to dances about women's roles. At the very end of the concert, Teddy Klaus and Debra Kanter -- two of Triple Time's three directors -- presented a simple but affecting work entitled "Suburban Conversations No. 1." As their taped voices spewed advertising slogans geared toward the "happy homemaker," the pair -- dressed in '50s apparel -- manipulated toys in a style that was both deadpan and whimsical. They ended up sitting in front of a big old television set, basking in the image of the "ideal" suburban dwelling.

This Sunday at Glen Echo Park, Klaus and Kanter, who now refer to themselves as the Two or More Company, and are husband and wife, continue their exploration of domesticity, suburbia and male/female roles with a performance of "Suburban Conversations Nos. 1 and 2." While the first duet centered on the performers' connection with their environment, their new work examines the relationship between the performers. This time the sound accompaniment includes phrases that crop up in the couple's daily conversations.

Klaus and Kanter's collaborations involve both stylized and pedestrian movement, videotape and slides. And Klaus, first and foremost a composer/musician, has a penchant for live, rhythmically compelling scores, and for homemade and/or exotic instruments. TWO OR MORE COMPANY -- Sunday at 1 at Glen Echo Spanish Ballroom. Tickets $2. Call 229-6022.