"Honeymoons are a greatly overrated entertainment," Elizabeth Taylor says in "Private Lives," to roars of laughter at the Kennedy Center previews.

Richard Burton, Taylor's ex-ex, 57, and his bride, Sally Hay, a 35-year-old television production assistant, apparently don't agree.

Burton and his fifth wife of 46 days have been staying undercover at the Watergate Hotel, like typical honeymooners.

"They checked in Sunday night and we haven't seen them since," said Mame Reiley, director of guest relations. "He looked so healthy and happy. And she's a real beauty. So natural, no makeup."

The Burtons have sunbathed on their Watergate balcony, but that's been the extent of their offstage public exposure.

They asked that the kitchen in their suite cked with eggs, bacon and other breakfast food. The new Mrs. Burton, described as "very ladylike and polite," ing the cooking. For lunch and dinner they have been mostly relying on room service. No $120 champagne for then for Perrier and Tab.

The Burtons' suite of two bedrooms, two baths, living/dining room and kitchen normalert Redford and his family stayed there while he was filming "All the President's Men." The apartment is calle as is the one Taylor occupies at the Vista Hotel. The Watergate sent yellow roses--allegedly Taylor's favorite--to her.

"She usually stays with us," said Reiley. "But we suppose she stayed at the Vista because Richard Burton is with us. We heard they like to stay at separate hotels. I guess they see enough of each other on the stage."

And at the Kennedy Center, the word has gone out that Taylor is not to be called "Liz," but "Elizabeth, like the queen." Liz Watch apologizes.