In view of the legions of the gone-but-not- forgotten resurfacing in this Year of the Comeback, it was inevitable that the Hollies would get around to regrouping for an album. But who would've thought those choirboy voices of the '60s would end up sounding in the '80s like a cross between Pure Prairie League and the latter-day Bee Gees?

In any case, the four original Hollies clearly did their research on current pop tastes before putting together "What Goes Around. . ." They've borrowed a synth riff from Human League for "Casualty," a progression from Laura Branigan's "Gloria" for "Something Ain't Right." Adding to the mishmash of influences are vestiges of early Poco, Heaven 17 and, in the case of "Stop in the Name of Love," even Soft Cell.

On the plus side: Graham Nash didn't write a single one of these songs, which means that inane as some of the lyrics are, the smarm quotient doesn't quite reach critical mass. And the music is competently soporific. If you're looking for a giggle, "What Goes" is pleasant enough; but if it's nostalgia you want, better haul out your old "Greatest Hits." THE HOLLIES -- "What Goes Around. . ." (Atlantic 800 76), appearing Saturday at 8:30 at Wolf Trap.