During the past three decades, TITO PUENTE has done as much as anyone to celebrate and extend the Afro-Cuban pulse in contemporary music, first with the big-band mambo craze in the '50s, then the Latin- rock fusion of the '60s (Santana's "Oye Como Va" was an almost note-for-note cover), and in recent years, irresistible salsa. "On Broadway" finds the great vibes and timbales leader fronting a tight nine-piece band and taking on the challenges of a trio of jazz standards ("Sophisticated Lady," "Bluesette" and "First Light"), a doo-wop classic (the title cut), and several Latino originals. With insistent (and sometimes urgent) polyrhythms and the traditionally heavy dose of percussion accents, the turnarounds on some of these tunes are both clever and exciting. "On Broadway" benefits from pianist Jorge Dalto's waterfall excursions on the keyboard and from Edgardo Miranda's scintillating guitar lines, which take on a south-of-the-border vibrancy when he switches to the nylon-stringed cuatro. Ellington's "Sophisticated Lady" is revived as a breezy bolero, with a couple of uptempo charges to keep listeners and dancers on their toes; it's also a good showcase for Rollinsesque saxophonist Mario Rivera, who is languid and romantic here, blustery and hard-charging on "First Light." Of course, Puente's music has always been synonomous with tight exuberance, and on this go-round the band plays strictly in the tradition. Another plus: 48 minutes of music. NAT ADDERLEY and AHMAD JAMAL have both released recent live albums. Adderley's "On the Move" has much of the bright spirit and sweeping warmth that existed in brother Cannonball's classic '60s quintets. In fact, Sonny Fortune's throaty alto sax recalls Cannon's rhythmic soloing and occasionally brusque tone, while Nat's trumpet remains jubilant and puckish. The rhythm section is gut-solid, with Jimmy Cobb on drums and Walter Booker, an old quintet alumnus, walking steadily beneath the action. Best cuts include the elegiac "To Wisdom the Prize," the sassy "Naturally" and the Latin- tinged "Malandro." Jamal's 1981 concert in Cannes is spread on two albums: He shares some playing time with vibraphonist Gary Burton, an interesting match since both are known for their light but propulsive touch, harmonic subtleties and elegant and accessible inventions. Jamal is in fine form throughout: "Morning of the Carnival," for instance, is a whirlwind of shifting dynamics and tempo changes, while "My Funny Valentine" and "Autumn Leaves" are engagingly light-hearted. The exchanges with Burton pull a switch on the Modern Jazz Quartet: This time it's the vibes that are elegant and the piano impassioned. TITO PUENTE & HIS LATIN ENSEMBLE -- "On Broadway" (Concord Jazz Picante CJP-207); Puente and Celia Cruz, appearing Friday at 8 at Carter Barron Amphitheater. NAT ADDERLEY -- "On the Move" (Theresa TR117), appearing Saturday and Sunday at 8 at Carter Barron. AHMAD JAMAL -- "Ahmad Jamal -- In Concert" (Chiaruscuro CR2034) and "Live In Concert" (Chiaruscuro CR2036), appearing Saturday and Sunday at 8 at Carter Barron.